My dear Leslie Jones…


My dear Leslie: Some people are so embittered that they have nothing better to do than invest their hatred in the world. But those people do not have the power to stop us from achieving our goals. The dark-skinned black women are here to stay and none of those unfortunates will make us throw in the towel. They can insult, criticizing  us, but they will never own our dreams. Because dark-skinned black women are at war against all those people who want to keep invisibly to society. We have taken up arms and declared war on those undesirable. So no matter what they say. Because we do not sleep, nor rest we are soldiers of reason, and we are at war. We will not stop until we win. No matter how long it takes, we have the strength and courage. We know who we are and we are going fight. They have hatred and we have reason and  the conviction that we are powerful.Wee don’t need to ask permission to succeed and we will not ask apologize for being black, different and do not fit their standard fictitious beauty.
We are not to apologize for what we are, because Mother Nature made us as we are. And she is not wrong.
Therefore  may dear Leslie, you have  my full support. You are powerful, beautiful, bright, incredible and above all, you are part of what makes this world a better place.

Thank you for inspiring me.



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