The day I los my innerd Superman

You have seen well.  Yes  your  “inner Superman”
I’m sure most of you remember that once you had one. But above all you remember the day you lost it. Possibly it was during your early childhood years.
Maybe it was the time I yo arrived  from  school with a decent drawing  just like picaso,  but  you only had six years old and your mother told you  or father without looking that drawing  does  not give money . Or maybe it was the day you did the best volcano from  the  entire class with 8 years old  and  it was published in the school newspaper, but the teacher will look and said, Do not let it rise ,isnot that good and  give  5 point- and you thouhg  that was  unfair, that five could not be front a   page on  the school newspaper.

Or while  you were 8 years old you played the piano as mozar and your mother said you did too much noise. Others were born to be great thinkers, engineers, musicians, doctors, architects, businessmen, painters, writers, etc. As the story of a child who with  only nine years could to design a video game. But I abandoned the idea because their parents though that   spend much time in front of computer was not sociable. Yes, there are many of these stories and all of them lead to destruction of the superman inside, with which we are all born. And I call  that Griptonita.It does not need  be green or a mineral from a  planet as Superman. It can take any form and its destructive power is immense and unlimited. On earth, our planet becomes insults, less price, psychological abuse, bullying abuse, parental disinterest, personal annulment. Because let me tell you something: We are all born with super powers and the ability to be great. But not everyone has the Kent family to promote their powers.
Imagine the baby Superman, when he reached the ground. Close your eyes and think what would have happened if when his powers manifested his adoptive father, would have called feek, ridiculed, taken for a madman, forced to ignore or convert his power on  a stigma, that give them a bad time zone. Eventually the small superman, and later the adult had seen his capacity as bad, unworthy, shameful that limited him as a person rather than improve it. But Kent,family  did not   m,ake him unwantend or decive  by his powers or derided him. They helped him and  accepted his nature, understood and fully develop his power  safely. While assuming the responsibility of having a special talent. Teaching him to control it and to use it beneficially. To superman klart kend was his  costume and  Superman  his true self.
What happens most of the time when we are children is that they force us to be Klart Kend from the moment we are born. Be vapid, insecure, scary, limited, ignorant, conformist, spiteful. They make us forget that we are special and that most of us are born with superhuman qualities, unlimited as a super hero. But as we grow is so much pressure from our parents, teachers, friends to us to be normal and social invisible, that  most of us become defective robots. The ode by mediocrity is so great. That only a few of the known universe has parents, friends, teachers like Kend family and are able to retain their Superman inside and fight Griptonita successfully. For these people become Klart  is not a problem because they  know that their true self is Superman or Supergirl. When they faced with the green stone  they only have take  their self-esteem, courage, cretividad, courage, skill, endurance and hope, intelligence, imagination. And much Griptonita to be destroyed these powers make the thing easier. Not to easy, even superman have bad days, but eventually overcomes the situetion and  again the can  be Klart Kend and relax. Because knowing  who you are and know your capabilities and limitation as a person is the main step to success. However grow up just knowing your limitations is a secure door for failure.
But my  friends know that not everything is lost. Do not give up  and  seat on  the couch, asult the  fridge and  don’t  turn  your bed in a permanent space. There’s a solution.
Yes, we have lost our Superman inside but luckily we can recover. It will take some work and intense fighting  of the Griptonita now runs in your veins and brain, but we’ve all seen Superman, beaten, struck and killed practically and then risen from the ashes.  The good of our inner susperman is that as superman has a fortress where shelter and heal their wounds. When we lose our Superman. it does not go away, like his Klart Kend he takes under his suit. Ours remains sleep  in our consciousness.
So there are people who after spending a lifetime as a doctor, lawyers, ingeniaros, teachers or any other profession that they did not choose. They decide to make a change in their  life. It they can make it a change  you to . So lest go and try to find your innerd Superman.

At the moment this is all on this subject. Enjoy the post, don’t forget to leave comments. I want to see many comments.
Next post: How to recover my innerd Superman.
The couple Griptonita.



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