My love affair with sushi

I love Japanese food, especially sushi. I did not know they  had such a variety of sushi. So I decided to make a post about the different varieties of this  delicious  dish :

blog-sushi-img1Japanese cuisine, besides delicious, is full of contrasts in flavors, and is also one of the healthiest in the world. However, unless we take it in a restaurant or we buy prepared his fame for ‘complicated processing’ throws us back when we think about preparing ourselves. However preparing sushi has several varieties. But it is not difficult to prepare. You just have to be familiar with the steps to take, so you can prepare this  Nipon dish .

To get started in Japanese cuisine, we suggest you to try the three ‘basic’ classes: maki sushi, nigiri sushi and sushi uramaki.

– The maki sushi is the most popular of the three varieties. Is prepared by rolling rice in nori seaweed and inside you can take raw fish, cooked fish, seafood and vegetables (are popular varieties of cucumber and avocado).

– The nigiri sushi is the most traditional in Japan and is not wrapped in seaweed with rice, but rice ovals stuffed with various ingredients and condiments like wasabi are made. Your coverage may be raw fish or seafood.

– The sushi uramaki occurs backwards because the maki nori and ingredients are within the sushi roll while the rice is out.

My best advice to start is to consult a book or did you download a video on the internet, you already explained the ingredients you need step by step. I hope  you become sushi lover  like  myself.

hope in my next post to data step by step how you made sushi.
But for now try it at home. Do not forget to tell me the result.

This post first appeared in ” en mujer hoy”



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