Letters from Africa: Fragility or the Malabo suicidal dogs.


Yesterday I saw a man smiling while eating ribs, today I’ve seen him mad and trying to kill a taxi driver. They said he had an outbreak of schizophrenia and escaped from the hospital. And I wonder? how is it that, yesterday he was smiling and today he is a potential murderer . This is human weakness, the weakness of the flesh, blood and bones. But it is also the cruelty of an island with no heart and island which does not forgive, no to have money . A place where nobody loves people, only love and want the petrol-francos . If you don’t have money or you can not earn it, your own family will not recognizes you as one of them . Malabo Island is and hungry dogs that plunge their snouts in the trash waiting to find a delicacy. Someone told me that those were not real animal’s buts but people who become animals while practicing witchcraft. But now I realize they are not children of witchcraft, but children of the indifference of despair and poverty. Those who lost their throne of money by illness or job lose. Those in the West, we call losers, here become dogs by night to scavenge what humans denied them as men and women
The fragility of Malabo, is as large as the number of dogs that roam the streets of this island. Where people no longer have heart instead have 500 francs, and his blood is pure oil. Legend says that those dog with human soul, they thrown themselves under cars when they only have left despair as refuge.
I don’t have a recipe for much pain and disappointment. I can only give them, my impression is that: One can not fall into the fragility in Africa. Because in this Continent, is not allowed not to have money or lose your health. Because you’ll end up being a suicide dog with human soul.



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