¡ If you want healthy children don’t drive!. Or in the mind of a mad cleric.

There are mornings when it’s best not to get up, to not hear gibberish . That’s what I think the last statement of a Arabia clergyman . They literally said ” women should not drive because it damages the ovaries and may have children with birth defects .” For starters, if that were true most of the world’s population would suffer down syndrome or other physical deformities . Because in almost all parts of the civilized world , lead women to go to work or take their children to school, or simply to move to a place of leisure away from home . And second , the man who has said such a thing , is not licensed in medicine, does not even have the title of nurse , so his claim seems reckless and unfounded .

Of course in a friendly , adding that the women could lead , if their husband had an accident or was in the middle of a field. And I wonder if he said women should not drive for what will draw the driver’s license , or learn to drive a car? It would be easier to tell the truth rather than hide behind nonsense. ‘And what is the truth ? tell you, the harsh reality is that there are men who do not like women to have freedom of movement, or do not want to get used to the fact that we now have the same rights as men .
but it is curious indeed that cause the words : smart because his message to the opposite effect . Women not only are more willing to drive, but the multiple videos that have recorded to support their cause are getting thousands of hits and great international support . So I say : Lord clericó dedicate yourself to give sermons and let traffic do its job.



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