Love stinks sex complicates everything. ¡Get a virtual girlfriend!!

It is true that this world is becoming complicated in terms of relationships, but  I don’t exaggerate if I said that, there are still people who think that being in love is one of the best things that can happen to human beings. But back to complications involved , dating, girlfriend lie and maintain a relationship that is healthy and wholesome , with their mood swings ” Not to mention this would mean, I  believe  Disney films ” Something that lacks certain age all logic. I’m not those people who worry too much about the  sentimental  subject. Because I think it is better not to look for things greedily. Desperation makes hasty decisions and generally the result, are  not usually good in the end . But if you’re among those who think that love  disgusts and sex  complicates everything, get yourself a virtual girlfriend  like  some Japanese men  are doing  . Which , I dipped into a time capsule transported them to when they were fifteen and play hands while eating cupcakes. Now you may be wondering : what do you do with a virtual girlfriend ? Go for a walk, buy cupcakes , Keeping virtual relationships , all while the bride stays in the jacket pocket or purse. No matter if you have 38 , because in the virtual game you can be 17 and she can be  15 and living as  you were back to school. I have to confess , that despite what I like the Back to the Future trilogy . Thi  shistory   about  the virtual girlfriend seems a complete immaturity syndrome , if you take it as a serious relationship , that is a real couple . Unless your circle of friends also have virtual girlfriends and boyfriends with whom you can stay for dinner , going to the beach , pool and keep an interesting conversation. Otherwise I can not come to understand that my best friend, brother, let me planted a Saturday to be with his girlfriend Nintendo . But like I said before, there are tastes for everything and I respect the sexua option of everyone who lives in this land of ours . So , you are my best friend or brother : if after watching Dangerous Liaisons ‘ve concluded that love and sex disgusts is the mother of complications. I will understand you look for a virtual girlfriend and prepare a dinner for three, and to entertain will read the stories of Isaac Asimov.



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