Letter from Africa: Malabo boardwalk,image rights. ¡Hey woman, justify me the photo you just took.!!!

As you know the letters from Africa I like to discuss all the things that happen to me in my African adventure . I have stories of all kinds, good, bad and funny . Most of the time I know what category to classify but this time I must confess that what I ‘ll tell you I have no idea what place fit it . So I ‘d better tell you about it and you tell me if you think funny or rather pathetic.
I will begin by telling you that yesterday was one of those days that would have been better for me to stay in bed. But I went to work and had the desire to kill someone . As I am of those people, thet  when she  have a bad day I  take it at home , I decided that  the   best was  to go for a  walk  to the new  Malabo boardwalk  , which had seen on the blog of American expatriate. Until then i can  say that everything can be considered Normal .
What was my surprise when, after walking a few steps I found in what is supposed the central gazebo boardwalk. I liked it so much  so I decided to take a picture , so I asked a young man to make me a photo . And then to keep the time I did a winged ocean views. That little action triggered the incredible but true story that I will tell. After putting my camera in the bag , a man I started screaming for me to come to where he was sitting . As I am not a talker with strangers , I just continue my walk . And then the Lord began to yell at me, I had to justify why he had taken a picture of the sea. That was not allowed to take pictures the water without justification. At first , that seemed like a bad joke especially prepared for tourists , so not ignored the cries , often away from the place I man ‘s voice rose higher I have to justify the photo, justify  the photo ,   I didn’t know  what he mean. I did not know whether to laugh or mourn , that stupid ignorant I had ruined my moment of peace . But since I am a person who takes everything philosophically I leave the two photos I could do.


4 comentarios en “Letter from Africa: Malabo boardwalk,image rights. ¡Hey woman, justify me the photo you just took.!!!

    1. It’s okay, I suppose that man had nothing better to do. Maybe the sun made hin​ believe that I was beyonce and he could get some money from me . But for the rest, the ride was nice and I think the area has great potential.
      Thank you for the comment, Enjoy malabo city and the sun.

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