You dress is specially made to impress your boyfriend’s parents?

I love to stop by the fashion magazines to see what’s cooking in them. Today, to my pleasant surprise there was an article on a topic which I’ve always wanted to write. But I always left out of laziness or because for a while I have not to worry about meeting the parents of anyone. I mean a couple, boyfriend, fiance, etc ……
So, for those who are soon to meet the parents of him or her, this is my question: do you think a good dress helps to impress the parents of your partner?
Because the truth, I do not know  what gives me more fear when that day arrives. That his mother would serve her special dish which is leading prawns, which you are allergic and  you don’t know  how  to tell her.

Because the truth, I do not know that gives me more fear when that day arrives. That hismother would serve their special dish which is leading prawns, which are allergic. Or that you’ve gotten dressed for the occasion, turns out to be equal  the one  your partner’s sister wear . Or maybe that neckline button is released, making it look more than it should. In that case it is better to ask for  a needle.
It’s funny all the things that have changed over the centuries. But to meet the parents of your partner is still one of the most stressful  things of the relationship, even more than when they  misplace your wedding dress,
Or the groom did not arrive in time for the wedding. Or when you realize that you have forgotten  your wedding shoes and on your feet you wear  adidas, certainly are my favorite sports shoes  but I think, for  the moment  they haven’t become fashionable for grooms.


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