Letter from Africa: Help, I think my little neighbor is a serial killer

My interest in serial murderers came from far away. I have to confess that I’ve seen all the movies on serial murderers . But I never thought I  would attend the birth of one. It is possible that I’m wrong, maybe I’m alarmed by anything . But just in case I have no reason, I tell you why I have come to the conclusion that my eight years old  neighbor is a killer in power,  and with hers friends, formed the band 7 psychopaths. Last week while my mother took her five  o’clock tea , what you hear  it . We are not in England but my mother and I love tea sitting in l small patio watching the sky of Africa . That sky that makes you forget the insane and dirty which is the city in which we decided to spend some time , more out of obligation than choice . It’s funny, every day I realize more and more how smart  mother nature, she  is  , to make the skies and seas alike. For those who do not have a decent life somehow can also enjoy a beautiful sky. Forgive my ramblings , I’m now with the birth of a serial murderer , who lives next to my house. Where were we? my mother and her  afternoon tea . Well just as my poor mother was going to take her  first sip. She  saw  my  8   years neighbor  turned into four other children head corralling a hen and her chicks to kill them. They beat one on one with rocks in his head , as she laughed and encouraged them to kill  everyone of them.
My mother looked stunned cruelty scene that was unfolding before her  eyes . But not only they were confined to kill the poor chicks. They  promised the mother hen, they  would kill those who had escaped . My 8 year old neighbor picked up a stone to finish off the chicks lying bloodied on the ground. When my mother altered  shout them to leave the animals alone. Then when my neighbor girl turned her head , nail the look on  my mother, smiled and dropped the stone on the badly injured animal. My mother ‘s blood ran cold . In the days after this unpleasant incident, not only  she killed more chicks , but labored to torture a puppy, someone had tied behind our house , on a farm that define our field. Day and night, that little monster and his demonic servants , torturing the poor animal with matches  , kicking stones . Until finally my mother told me that they had found the puppy dead. I did not need asking  who did it. I knew very well who was responsible : My of eight years  old   neighbor and his gang of servants of the devil . I imagined their smile white celebrating their feat, and suddenly I   feel afraid, afraid to think what her  next victim or victim  will be . Might decide to kill a classmate , someone smaller than her and her followers of death, or perhaps be encouraged to set fire to a house with a family inside. I had no idea , all I know for sure is that I was witnessing the birth of a serial killer and that my neighborhood was her  hunting ground .



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