Death does not take bribes

This world we live in, is not like many people think it is. This world does not really exist , it’s like water drained through your fingers. You can see it and feel it , but you can’t hold it. No matter how rich you are, how famous you are, how smart you are . When the lady oscythef  knocks on your door, you’re lost . Because she does not take no for an answer and neither accepts any bribe . Most human model , those who have not awakened from the illusion of the psyche we call life thinking that they will live forever . Let me tell you that: in this land no man, no one owns anything, and nobody stays . Only death is the only eternal, which neither time nor disasters can avoid it do its job . To those who live the illusion of immortality, just tell them that ” Family and friends is the most valuable thing a person can have in life. That, your mission should be loving and being loved. Because the lady of death does not make an appointment, or have time to sign. Because to her we just are a number on their work schedule.




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