Hair extensions, bleaching creams ¿Sisters? what he really wants is a white woman but is too cowardly to admit it

2012-01-18111-You have the right to remain silent , anything you say can be used against you.
2- You are entitled to an attorney , if you can afford one you will grant a counsel.
3-You are entitled to a phone call, to communicate your situation.
4-You have the right to date a white woman, but please if you don’t  have the  courage and balls to do it . Do not disguise a sister of one, just for you to live your desire to date a white one, but without suffering the social consequences that entails date someone of another race . Because that brother call it cowardice and lack of personality.
This is the time when some black men, stop reading and send me to hell. They do not want to hear the truth . And what is the truth ? the truth is that many brothers , go with girls that clears the skin to be white, wear false hair that reach them at the waist. While pretending to be white They hold your hand like a hunting trophy . But once they decide to leave your natural hair they leave them or tell them that seem ghetto contemptuously .
This is the stark reality of what some black men do to their black women. And I wonder , would not it be easier to date a white woman? Let the heart speak not bad, but for that you have to have value, the thousands of couples who have to deal with inertial , looks , misunderstanding and sometimes contempt. Because despite being in 2013 there are still people in the world who has the brain of a walnut . But I find it quite ridiculous to pretend that you are holding hands with a white woman , while walking with a mixed false , which is due to clear skin bleaching creams , long smooth hair belongs to another woman , who sold to eat . Those men who shout and boast to the four winds of the skin that is clear while watching his wife the blonde sitting in the next table . Because in their hearts they know that however clear that creams leave his wife amate girlfriend is always black . And what you would like is actually dating white woman sitting at the table opposite. But it has a value of up and presented to the woman with skin the color of milk.
It weighs too much that tell your friends, family , bosses : – you’ve spent side brother. – Is it that you could not find a good black woman ? . – Got the jungle fever – how much do you pay ? you take out all the money. And many more questions like that will come to mind . Then parents wonder if the white will accept .
But not for the questions, so do not make the decision to come to the table . It is because no value, to get what you really want. Why he prefers dating a mixed false , pretending to be white to please the man without character next to it .



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