Follow endured, and you ‘ll end up being the punching bag that hits everyone .¡ Say no to burnt toast!

After a series of events that have happened in my life, I decided to analyze , which differentiates the winners from the losers. Because there are people who get their dreams and others only dream of. Nor understand why some get to have a fortune , having been born in the very poverty. And most importantly, because for so long, I kept in my vocabulary the words “you have to endure” , those words that make you become the shadow of what could have been. The same words that make your life becomes a hell, and end up being the punching bag , your husband , boss, co -workers, classmates, parents, teachers , and other scavengers of the human world . Those who expect to give up in order to feed your apathy , despair . Yes, scavengers like to see someone endures all bad and humiliating situations will cross your path . Because they know they can slowly devour the entrails as parasites , until there is nothing left .

Because let’s face it those who endure thrown them , are not the strongest , nor the winners are cowards , insecure , no personality, unable to take a decision , which hackneyed phrases are: life is like that  , have to endure, what  I’m going to do, you have to accept situations as they come, best known evil than an unknown good . Phrases like this , that make them feel better and used the vultures to devour your full potential as a creative person and determined.
But who is to blame for that prefer to continue our safe area , although we are devouring the entrails ? I would start telling parents :

1 – That kind of parents that when your child tells you that she is well at school because a teammate hits , we say simply that hold that the course is about to end .
Those same parents, when their daughter, son tells humiliates her boss and his teammates make life difficult , they respond  , you do not have to like  , your boss,  and in  the work we don’t go  to  make friends. When it comes time to have a relationship and   the daughter   tell  them that her boyfriend is insulting and treats her disrespectfully .-That same mother says that women are born to obey their husbands , what ever has been, a man has three good and three bad things .
So since you can remember , you learn that , no matter the kicks you get , you have to endure, because it is right. But when you reach a certain age, you realize all the good things you’ve missed for having limited to endure the bumps and disappointments . It’s like always eating burnt toast for breakfast, because it is what it is. Rather than make another toast or change your bread if it is not toasted well .
The only good thing about this post is that I ‘ve realized the reality and I hope other people do . While holding a bad job , you can not access a good job, while you put up with a bad partner, the man in your life pass by your side while you  clench your teet hand repeat it , this is the situation that has touched me. It is possible that this is the situation in which you are. But in  nowhere is it written that you have to be in that situation  all your life . Abandon  your comfort zone if it harms you and look for your own destiny because you are the captain of your own ship which is your life.


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