Letter from Africa : ” Matchchurch.com ” an old new way to find love in Malabo. ¿Have you tried it? tell us

Since the internet came into our lives , our way of living and seeing life and interact with others has changed. You do not send letters, send email , not looking for something on the computer , surfing. I do not send messages in a bottle wasapeamos . Yes , some mind , the network has changed our lives and how love is an important part of it , also the way of finding a mate has changed at least in the West. If you want the love call at your door safely , you better notes to ” much.com ” “or meeting.com ” may prefer a specialized web as ” singles ” for the most savvy Internet users are impatient facebook . Now my readersare thinking we already knew ! Is that what you write the post ? Do not be impatient , now comes the good and is called ” matchchurch.com ” A new way to find a partner that I have discovered in Africa , nay Malabo . And now they’ll all be raising their eyebrows and twisting their mouths , some insurance that will be dying of laughter. But I have to tell you that I am writing this entirely seriously . You see most of the couples I’ve known since I came to the island have been known in the church. I’m talking about a 90 %, which makes this result the majority of the population of the island. In the beginning we had my doubts, until I came to the conclusion that this was because very few people available internet in their homes , and there were not many entertainment options , apart from the clubs and bars. And what man or woman would want to accompany a drunk , or drunk home? I’m sure some of the readers just wince  . These will tell you , do not doubt that there are couples who have met at the club or bar ” stating that I do not consider Starbucks a bar” rather it is almost like the living room of a crumb , which is not you can stay overnight , and costs half kidney tea ,for the record, I love my chocolate soy milk Starbucks! Well what we were going , love is in the churches of Malabo , marriage agencies also are pages of relationships, no sofas Starbucks who want to find love quickly. Some may ask does it work ? Is it safe? I have to say I had the same curiosity that you : ( I clarify that before coming to the island was nothing unusual, but since my arrival , I see so many things new and strange to me that I spend the day asked especially as children) so I asked my neighbor because most couples , they met at church. She replied without blinking or a little – because God can not be wrong . – That’s when I enter a state of shock compared to that usually cause you drank a glass of tequila at full speed. Not that I doubt the divine power of God , Buddha , Mohammed : but I think as a woman, why, or they will be guaranteed a perfect relationship.

Let’s face it ,  ok   God can open the waters of a river , walking on it .But controlling your wife, husband cuckolded you, or leave you for someone else. But if he  could not even make my boyfriend leave  me the remote control of the TV when playing Barcelona. ¿ How will  he  make a relationship perfect?

Understand that at the end of the conversation I asked a green tea to see if my mind out of the shock. Of course, I encourage everyone who wants to use the system “matchchurch.com” to prove it. And if you’ve tried and you’ve found the perfect match, tell us your experience.



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