This is a proposal for the beauty section , as in the previous issue we talk about makeup . I think it would be nice to talk about the expiration of cosmetics in general .
Most women adore beauty products but do not care to know your date. But I think it is necessary and important to know when a cosmetic is in poor condition . Because they can cause severe allergic reactions , such as irritation, redness , blisters , burns.
To avoid these conditions , we must take into account their expiration date but not the old rules , but implementing since 2005. This new system puts on all products the number of months the product is still in good condition after opening : Cifra + M
Example if the jar or tube leads ( 9M ) means that the content will be in good nine months after opening and start rusting.
The main causes for the oxidation and degradation of the product once opened are:
1 – microbial contamination caused by dirty fingers introduced into the cream. So it is important to wash your hands before using the product.
2 – pollution caused by the bacteria found in the air.
One way to avoid rapid deterioration of your products is .
1. Cosmetic accumulate not have the same function . Example lipsticks because we do not use all and we extrenarlo expire even before .
2 . Save makeup products in a clean and clear of excess light .
3 . Close the bottle tightly after each use , otherwise the water evaporates and this is oxidized .
4. Wash hands always before touching any cream , to avoid contamination.
5 . Do not store more than three years old , even if they are closed. The products contain preservatives that ensure stability , a minimum of 36 months from the time of manufacture until opened.
6 . When you open a cosmetic to try if you’re not using it for a while it closes well and store in the fridge , for better conservation.
7 . Do not add water or other liquids to the product to increase this . Ajen : nail polishes
8 . Never use old containers clean to retain new creams .
9. It is best to choose a product with dispenser, will keep better and last longer , not being in constant contact with air.
10 . Never mix new products with earlier remains in the same package .
11. Throw your lipstick if you had an injury or herpes , do the same with pencils and mascara when you have suffered sties or conjunctivitis.

How to detect that have expired.?

There are three signals to detect that a cosmetic product is in poor condition .
1. When emits an unpleasant odor and stale.
2 . The product has a yellowish or ocher .
3 . Product texture is disturbed and the components are separated in liquid and oily and creamy and compact another

Reference expiration
Each product has a specific component and an expiration.
This is an indicative list of products and their expiration .
• Lipstick : 12 to 24 months if stored in the refrigerator , increase its duration.
• Face Moisturizer : 12 months
• Body Moisturizer : 12months
• desmaquillarte : 12 months
• Deodorant : 12 months
• Body Cleansing ( champu.gel ) 12-18 months.
• Nail polish : 1 to 5meses
• Mascara : 3 months
• Make-up: 12 months
• Khol : So let’s get 36months whenever you regularly tip
• Shadows : 36 months with good care .
• Eyeliner Lip : Up to 36 months.



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