How to tap the remains of cosmetic ?

¿How to tap the remains of cosmetic ?

When you cook often leverage not remains to avoid throwing food : peanut sauce with leftover chicken , mashed cassava for the surplus provechar … However, when it comes to beauty products is not common, but sometimes we forget that we can not reuse beauty products .
We all have in our closets beauty products that do not use , either because they were not what we expected or because we buy without thinking. And both use them and throw them as dust let them take over is a shame. Therefore,learn to recycle your cosmetics !
1 – If you have a face cream that does not convince you , do not hesitate to apply it to the body. If it’s too rich , do it in the drier areas : neck , legs , elbows , feet … or else , in their hands. This way you will not waste the product and get runs early and leave an empty space on your shelf.
2 – Your cream never ends and you feel sorry throw ? If you want to finish it soon without waste it , use it as a mask : apply it in a thick layer and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. If you prefer , use it as a mask at night and sleep with it on .
3 – An exfoliating cream too aggressive for your skin ? Smooth it by mixing it with some peeling desmaquillarte or use it as body or hands. Important: if you notice that the skin on your face is not doing well because too irritated , stop applying it.

4 – You’re out of your shampoo conditioner and leaves you tangled hair ? Just add to shampoo some body oil and mix well before applying. In addition , it contains Argan get a shine.
5 – Does your mascara has dried and leaves lumps ? Prolongs life rehumedeciéndola with a drop of mineral water. When finished, clean the brush well and save for brushing eyebrows and separate lashes before make them up .
7 – Your lipstick is almost complete and you can not apply it directly ? It uses a lip brush and you can take advantage
These little tips are perfect for getting the most out of your cosmetics .



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