Light skin is not a blank check. But it helps to have a checkbook. The doors open more easily if you have clear skin.

                                  These three people:  Would they be where they are now, if they had dark skin?     Tell me  what  you think    

After reading an article inclulch, about colorism in the united states and  in Hollywood. I have started to reflect and realize that slavery and Hitler did such a good job that his words linger and spread through the world like a contagious disease. The reason why I have no faith that the colorism longer exists, it is because I live it every day while in the black continent. Again the black continent where most people have skin like most black chocolate. And yet, in one of their countries, I have had the unpleasant experience of feeling produced by racism and  colorism. Yes in this island of Malabo, where most women do not have running water in their homes and few can afford to go to a gynecologist. But it is not the lack of money but because they prefer to spend their wages in clearing skin and all their  daughters. Yes, I live in a place in Africa where black men only date   light-skinned women. Where a few months ago 20 year old girl told me   she had not had a boyfriend until book of his dark skin and a clear sheathed , then all those who previously denied the greeting, now were at his door like dogs in heat.

I live in a country in Africa where the first in the  queue is the woman with clear skin,   although  your are  first. I recently had one of those experiences of the American heartland. You know that, we have seen in many movies. “a black woman waiting in line and  when  white woman entry in the shop,  the shopkeeper  provider  her  before” Well that’s what happened to me a few weeks ago and was not in the deep south. But in a city of Africa. Let me, to tell you in my own words “I was waiting for my driving school teacher, which appeared within two hours. As I was driving into the car, two women came with their  clear skin endlessly by the creams. And what was my surprise when I said it was my turn,   Te  teacher  talk me, that they had to go before me. when I try to explain that I had been waiting  for two hours, he said to me  he was he was the person who decides who goes before the  in queue.

It was clear that the black skin  ran out to practice and that was me. If this would have happened in the West where I have spent my entire life, I have come to comprise , but do not understand. But in the ground  of African, nothing made sense. So when they talk about colorism, racism  please  don’t  only refer  to occident  countries, here in our t Africa, racism is as deep as the roots of the baobab. I hate to say and  more  admit that live is  more easier , if you  have clear skin, anywhere in the world.   I don’t doubt Beyonce talent, or Obama, but if their  skin weren’t  clear they would not have success  that much  . And clearly be clear it is not a blank check but it helps before you sign them. Maybe I never cleared my skin, but I can understand why at every turn there are stores that sell whitening creams.




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