Shut the damn door and stop living the life of others.

Every time I realize more and more that live out of doors is not something of the past generation . It’s as current as mortgaging your life to 50 years when you win 1,000 euros a month. Just because your neighbor has a 50-year mortgage . But you’re missing the most important thing that your neighbor earns 6000 euros a month so that you can afford . There is a constant discussion I have with my mother since I have use of reason and his obsession with what others tell him . I love my mother , but his desire to do things just to show others that she can , or she is the best exasperates me . I’ve never understood why someone spent 1000 in a pearl necklace , then pasta with tomato feed for three or four months. For the record , the people I care about. But what people say about me or think of me . It is true that as a human being , sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the morbid curiosity and interest that people have for my life , what I wear , I eat, I sleep with whom , as I have my hair. Something would understand if it were a celebrity , but I’m not , so I do not understand , that unhealthy interest that people have, by sticking your nose in where it did not call . The worst of living out of doors , thinking of others , is that you miss what happens around you and you go from being the hero to a mere spectator . Do not mind being a spectator Jan l theater, watching a movie but being one of the public in my own life is not something that interests me . I have something more to say , most of the people complaining will not achieve their goals is because they invest their time and energy to contemplate the lives of others rather than build their own.  So if you are one , or one of those people who lived through others as parasite. Close the door for a few days and you may find what you ‘re looking for both in the lives of others .



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