I’ll Be the Best Damn Husband the World Has Ever Seen

My Seven Devils

But first, I’ve got to fall to one knee without face-planting and say the 4 magic words to the woman of interest.  No, wait… First I’ve got to find a woman that would be willing to take the risk and say that one devastating word.  What is that devastating word, you ask?  Sure, “no” qualifies as devastating, but the word “yes” is the answer I’m looking for.  The second she says yes is the grand moment where, metaphorically, the business has been conducted and now it’s time to sign the paperwork.

Your lives have been intertwined into one, destined for a single grave at the cemetery all because of one monosyllabic phrase that seeped through her teeth.  Contrary to popular belief, being comfortable enough to fart on each other is not a great indicator of love.  I firmly believe both partners will know simultaneously when it comes time to pop…

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