Do not call another woman a bitch just because she knows what she wants in life. While you you just watch life go by, watching soap operas

After reading the criticism they did to Halle Berry to wear a neck, which some females was inappropriate for her: “I ​​would like to know who appointed them guardians of correction.   Who are they to tell another adult woman, which is suitable for her?, Because most criticism came from women. Those who think that once you’re a mother, you’re dead or have ceased to be women, those who believe that turning 40 should, lock yourself in your house and throw the key into the sea. Yes all those who judge you when you wear miniskirts or shorts in summer even on the terrace of your house. If it were not for the theory of evolution of Darwin would have thought that women feel hatred for other women was the result of psychopathy: But after studying the evolutionary process in prehistoric times and check that competitiveness is installed in our genes from prehistory. Here is a brief explanation of why women hate other women and compete with each other, insult, put the trip, are called whores, and are able to burn between them at the stake. The enmity of a woman, made ​​another is like corrosive acid, once  stretching is unstoppable. Men enmity between them, women hate and despise ….. I could go on enumerating the evils that we can do but get better continued with a small scientific explanation because we are so between us.

“According to the researchers, the phenomenon is a reminiscence of our hunter-gatherer days, when women had to compete with each other to suck men more prepared and more resources to feed the family”

. It sounds simple and the past but there are still women who believe that they have to take away the means, foul language or burning you at the stake. No wonder we cebemos with more attractive women, and we recognize the beauty of others. And when we feel threatened despise so ruthless, so we are able to criticize Halle Berry with the excuse that her cleavage is inappropriate. When in reality would not be as pretty as her, have the money she has, the body you have and the talent. Let’s be adults and grow up a little, because insult another woman, you would not happen suddenly has become the owner of a multinational, or make millions like Beyonce. But if you stop wasting time, sticking their noses into the affairs of other women you might get that job you’ve always wanted, or go out with that wing officiate mate you’ve never paid attention because you were too busy judging the woman opposite.
For what it costs effort stop criticizing other females. I’ll give you a tip when you feel like judging other person opens the page of a book and read, you may discover that there is a world out there full of possibilities, and decide to do something more productive to live the lives of other women.



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