See if you can analyze this Mr Freud : my love life through movies.

My readers will agree with me that lately I only speak of human relationships and sex, which is an important part of life, but not the only important. But I’m not going to talk about feelings but how dare sex life I have seen the movies. 1-At 10. I thought all guys had a white horse and his kisses were magical. I had seenSleeping Beauty”.

2-At 15 I discovered that kissing was dangerous. I  had “seen Friday the thirteenth” and the first to die was always that they kissed.
At 18, I wanted to come up with an adventurer, that my life was not so boring and normal. I  had seen “Indina Jones”

3-At 25, I woke up thinking about what would happenNine 1/2 weeks with a guy locked in a room without a shower. I concluded that it was impractical and insane, go so long without showering and with the same person. Probably end up vomiting.
4-At 28 almost 30, was obsessed with that if my partner cheating, would probably end up with a dead rabbit in the pot. Yes, “Fatal Attraction” was not much room for decision. A great lesson as hamburgers eat people, not a good idea, can you suffered indigestion. Of course, after watching “Basic Instinct,” I thought it was worth a little pain, if sex was as good as I had Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone, it was worth a little pain though out with an ice pick .
I was about to become a sex addict, when Brat Pit   dismounted   his   horse in “Legends of the Fall” and made me believe in eternal  love.

5-I must confess that a year later I went from blonde to dark when I sow Densel Washington with his white t-shirt in  “The Blue Demon” and saw me in his arms forever tasting her juicy lips.

6-Then it  fell into my hands, “pretty woman” I had  never liked Richard Gere  when he was young , but  that gray hair , made ​​my body melt like ice cream in summer. Yes, I was prepared to enjoy a good wine called Richard.
They say that after taking a good wine to be missed a little time to savor all its properties.

7-And that  I  was doing until one day I discovered that there were other worlds and “True Blood” Vampires, werewolves ……. Eric Northman(- Alexander Skarsgård)  my neck is yours as long as you want.
So for now, I’m waiting for a good bite.

I hope you’ll have a good weekend in the company of a good movie, and somebody that prevents you finish viewing.
until the next post.



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