Beauty is on the inside, yes, of course and cats can talk. Or someone has watched too many disney movies. ¡Get a life please!


The beauty is inside, yeah right and cats speak. Not to be sarcastic, but I’ve never heard anyone say how I love the inside of that man or woman. I’m sure we’ve all seen the beauty and the beast, we’ve been amazed at how beautiful everything was, of positivism that permeates the film. Especially when Bella sings to the beast, the song “beauty is on the inside” But this is not Disneyland and we are not a bunch of cartoons. For the record I do not say that, being a good person, compression, kind, honest, do not count. But let’s be frank about that looks at first glance. What you see is if someone is handsome, if well equipped, if you have perfect teeth, nice hair, soft hands and a body that makes our body turns like a volcano erupting. Because who does not see the neighbor who takes off his shirt, and has a bar of chocolate per breast. And what about the man who pants feel like a Coke ad. Women of the world, we should not feel guilty for looking at pretty things, was written in our DNA. If we look at a nice car, a beautiful house, or those shoes that beckon from the window of Chanel. Why we would not look at a man who has a body to die for.

Well girls, not all lost, believe it or not, still  have , faith in  . So I think  human-being. One of these days, Megan Fox, will be walking down the street, and someone will say! Megan I love your inner personality!
Until then, do not throw away your  wonderful wardrobe, or that book you have in the head of the bed, you know why I say “the Devil Wears Prada”After all eyes are to watch, the heart to choose from, and mind to judge.

Happy weekend, see you in the next post.




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