I confess


Almost everyone knows the definition of confession. But when a man asks us if we have something to confess is inebitable panic among us. Especially if you have something to hide, something that makes us feel uncomfortable or guilty. But whatever you hide? You should tell the truth, the whole truth to your partner, or love? They say the devil knows more so silent that for what it says. Or talvel, it is better to say that you do not know can hurt you not. Now after you have experienced in my own skin the question do you have something to confess? I must confess, it’s not the answer be positive or negative, it’s just that my answer would not have helped then refine your situation. The truth does not always make us free, but can complicate things and make it simpler when it becomes confusing. I have already clear that women tend more likely to feel guilty about sex more than men, perhaps because we engage more emotionally. Corijanme if I’m wrong, conzco not any woman who sleeps with a man and not mean anything to, even just a little. I think we take much for us to see women having sex, like a coffee break. I do not deny that we can enjoy it act without giving great importance but the feeling of having given something you psyche being with you, even if you are the world’s most liberal woman….

The truth is ue confession is almost sacred lake, if not mystical sacred. But in relationships, becomes a sharp knife can cut the toughest meat or skin stroking susve. Yes, confession is one of those things that human beings as consciousness recure tine something to get rid of or need to find culprits. But it is also one of the best ways to create links between people. Anyway, I confess that sometimes I want to enter grades tell the truth the whole truth. As I asked before do you think it is possible to tell the truth to your partner hacerca of deception or betrayal?
And that your relationship does not deteriorate?

Have you ever confessed your partner that you’ve cheated? which has been their reaction.
Do you think you should always tell the truth at all times?



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