If you hate your boss or your work. Does not follow as part of the same environment.

If you hate your boss or your work does not follow as part of the same environment.


What if I’m not happy in my job and I hate my boss?   Most of the answers that sensible people would consider would be: “hold on the job until you find something else” Others will tell you it does not have to like your boss, something that is true, if you do not see every day and behave as a psychopath.   Others will make you a simple question like this: do you like your job? If your answer is no you just have to  quit your job and go over your head. But what happens when you love your job, but the atmosphere is untenable. It is clear that no one is entirely good or entirely bad in that we almost all agree. But imagine that your boss had a dissociated personality and reactions of a child of 10 years. And not only that, but you see conspirators everywhere.

A person who believes that everyone would want to cheat and steal ideas, however simple they may be. I do not deny that we live in a competitive world where spies swarming everywhere industrial, technological , scientific , even in the world ‘s fashion professionals copiers , who are able to transfer to paper an Armani design even before he takes of his head . Ha ha ha , maybe I’m exaggerating, but let’s be honest , the big industrial spies have no time for nonsense and less to get into the middle of nowhere . So the chances that a case B agent  or mosat between working in certain places , are as remote as I end up getting an Oscar , in the hands of Robert De Niro which is one of my favorite actors .

Back to the question , ¿loving your job justifies thou forsake happiness and peace of mind ? My answer is a resounding no . And this is my reasoning : Part of the personal, emotional , professional of a person is based on personal fulfillment as an individual. You must be true to your feelings and choices , ok you have to be being realistic. Accept the consequences when you’ve taken a wrong decision . Being consistent with your actions.
You can’t blame others for your neglect, disorganization, and lack of foresight in time to take your projects s good end.

In the rules for the preservation of mental, physical . There are situations that you should not stand if you can help .
I sincerely believe that when one submits himself to the emotional drain , simply because they don’t want to make a decision or because , you have been told to hold a particular situation waiting for a miracle . What this person is doing is risking their mental and physical health .
The answer I would give to this person is run out of the place at the next opportunity. Because your past behavior is what led you to be in the situation of today. And like you today will you behave as you shall see the future. Not because you flagellate yourself you will be more beloved , or more respected. Just do what you have when you can.



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