I’d give my kingdom for a book, if I had a kingdom, of course. ¿What would think Richard III of this exchange ?

d5a82a29f64aeb6621fd06d09d39f8b0One of the things I miss on the island is a library. Because I love to read and so far I’ve only seen something like a book store. I have to find out if I have reason or my eyes deceive me. I’m having bad time   no books to read that, the first thing I’ll do when I get back is to buy an eBook and put at least 20 books inside.
As I have no ebook  at the moment , I decided to make a short list   of books that I’d like to read again.  The novelty is that  there are many more of those in the list, but right now I do not remember all. Incidentally accept suggestions for new books to put them in my eBook.

The perfume

Dangerous Liaisons,

The lover

The Three Musketeers

I killed

The Name of the Rose,

The Picture of Dorian  Gray

Emperor Poppies

Vampiric Chronicles,

The crazy.


The beauty and sad

The guardian in the Rye.

The da vinci code

Sense and Sensibility



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