Dipped in red passion.

Before I was afraid to wear a red lip, but in the last months I’ve spent the eternal red. That which led, Marlene Dietrich, Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe. There’s something about that color that makes my passion wakes. I found that when I’m a little sad, discouraged, depressed, just need to paint red nails and lips to feel better. Must be self suggestion or placebo effect intensity red. Guess that’s why they say is true, red  it’s a color that symbolizes fire, passion, danger, and a holiday in the south of Italy ….. well this last, must be one d these hidden desires that most women have, ha ha.


2 comentarios en “Dipped in red passion.

  1. A friend on here wrote this on her blog recently:

    Red-will help with sensuality, love of life, vibrancy, deeper sexuality, passion, to feel grounded in the world, healing from the inside, out. This correlates to the root chakra, the sexual organs, where one stands in the world, a sense of belonging, primate means of survival, helps the immune system, and fertility.

    It’s a great color to wear. Brings something out…


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