¿What can you do with 500 francs in Malabo?


The other day while I was buying a can of coke I realized I had done many post about my experience on the island of Malabo, but had not told them that is one of the most expensive cities in central Africa. Yes Malabo where every time I go to buy it seems to be in Paris, New York or Tokyo to name some of the most expensive capitals. It must seem strange, but the cheapest of this city is worth 500 franc is equivalent to 0.52 cents. Seen from the euro does not seem much but living here is almost like saying 50 euros.

What can you do with 500 francs in Malabo? This is a question that I will answer right now. If you travel to Malabo and you have one of those bad days when you’ve only got 500 francs in the wallet these are the things you can do. But choose carefully because if you do not you might regret later.
1 – you can take a taxi to your hotel
2  Yu can – have a beer (not Guines or heinekend)
3, Yu can  buy a bag of bread (come five loaves) think.
4 – Yu can  buy five coffee candy or gum
5 – You can  buy potatoes, small boat
6  You can  Buy small juice or soda.
7 – You can use 100 francs to buy a bread and butter sandwich but forget water or soda because it does not arrive as worth 500 franc.
As you can see, there is much more choice. For me, its were you I would catch a taxi to the hotel and have dinner or eat there,



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