¡I go out with a white man because I saw in the telvisisón! or the clutch magazine, television conspiracy.


Most of the time, before writing a post I think several times. But lately I’ve realized that this is my blog and I can write about whatever I want. Whenever I do not offend anyone, or disrespect to my readers.

I want to believe that love is one of the most powerful things a human being can experience. By love have made ​​wars, lost battles, built empires and destroyed cities. Love is something so ingreible that is capable of changing minds and entire cultures. The love of another human being is so complex that can not be simplified or induced with a few images of televisions. I hope to have a point. Because if I’m wrong, mankind is lost.

Well after this little clarification, I’ll start writing today’s post:
Which is about the influence that television has and Clutch Magazine article that caught my attention. It was about as on television lately are interracial couples. And that was because the media wanted to sell to black women, that they can had much success in business or in their professional career, they could not gain status, if they don’t go out with a white man. So in short, every time a white man go out with a black woman on tv serie . They are telling black women to be changed to white. No doubt the power of television, but if I upset about, the idea that an educated black woman, intelligent, who knows what she wants, will be manipulated, for a TV series.
I think said, or think something like this is to introduce black woman as a simple, manipulative and lacking in personality. And the most amazing is to simplify something like an interracial relationship. Let’s face it, although we are in 2013 there are still people who think that dating a different person of your race is unnatural. There are still people who  would plant a cross on fire in your house garden, just because you’re sleeping with a white woman or a white man. And do not forget those looks of indignation, throw you when you walk into a restaurant predominantly white or black, gives me the same thing. And give some cases where family or friends have decided to stop talking to yuo because you have chosen to date a person of another race. So without removing parts of the reason to Clutch magazin. I have to say that it takes more than a television series for you to decide to get into such a battle.
Because I’ve never heard anyone say I’m in love with a white man because I saw it on TV. For the record, my husband and I met in college and did not exist the series “Scandal“. Which I must admit that I love. And I’m pretty upset because they have not given KERRY WASHINGTON the Emmy. Something I’ll try in my next post. For now, as I continue to enjoy the series scandal
See you in the next post



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