End of my sabbatical without sex. Did I really need sex or I was terribly boring to sleep alone ?


End of my sabbatical without sex. Did he really need sex or was terribly boring to sleep alone ? Is it also possible that the perpetrator of such an event is a very …. I leave it to your imagination may be possible that I would not admit that she was so angry with myself for allowing my last lover broke my heart into a million pieces , and give feed the lions Madrid Zoo . I guess that’s something , my friends affectionately called him the ” The lion kills ” Not that it was feline hunter , I just met him just as he prepared to go on a photo safari to Kenya or Zanzibar not remember. I have to confess that my past relationships have not been successful. So given the spate of stabbings to the heart, the men had decided to submit lately . Take the opportunity to withdraw from the market like a good investor before losing everything in my case end up losing her head like Gary Oldman in Coppola’s Dracula . And we all know that a heart can be replaced , but the head is still no god to do so.
Returning to the sabbatical year without sex, I have to confess that two years have been very good, full of self-knowledge , joys , laughter , and assume as normal know times when I was in my personal hell . And realize that it is the company that makes us happy but the good company . Am I sure that many women and men will wonder if I really been two years without sex? Without no sex ? yes believe it or not , I’ve done it is also true that it is easy when you don’t  have a Brad Pitt like  your  neighbor  or Denzel Washington as a colleague . Yes ladies, everything becomes easier. Ha haha. What is more interesting to have a sabbatical , apart from not having to hire bodyguards to protect your poor heart. That when you come to experience all the sensations are multiplied by a thousand  time  and  ………. We’ll leave it here , I think I’m giving too much information and in these cases it is better to let the imagination do the rest. Ha ha , Hey¿ Now What ? my readers will be wondering is it the beginning of a relationship or was just a snack , perhaps been one appetizer , or maybe ” I’ve just taken a cup of coffee ” and an acquaintance of mine calls it. Actually I have  not an answer to that question as I stopped wondering lately certain things , I ‘ll wait to answer itself . For those who have decided to go without sex, or breaking your withdrawal . I can simply tell them to do by choice. And when they decide to end the sexual drought ,do so by choice and please enjoy the moment.
If you have had a similar experience , I’ll be happy  if you  tell me your story.  It is an invitation, not an obligation. Enjoy the rest of the week, and   we shall see in the next post .



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