45 days to fall in love and break you heart.




It’s strange since I read an article in sevent sentences about being honest in what we write , I feel liberated and the need to open my heart with a knife like a summer melon and savor the taste of truth , or maybe after what I believe my truth .
When I was little Mary ‘s sister told me that there is always time for everything, ” dear child , there is time for everything in life , time to love, to mourn , to laugh … ” But now do not know what she would think if I told you I have only 45 days to fall in love madly and break my heart. Ha ha ha some of my readers will be thinking that you do not choose to fall in love , only happens when you least expect it . But in my case I can assure you that I have the opportunity to choose if I want Enamórame or not. More laughter ha ha ha . And there ‘s my dilemma , fall in love and enjoy a passion for 45 days but I break your heart, or invest all that emotional energy into key strokes on my laptop. Ha! , Of course , I have not told the reason for all this mess . A few weeks ago I met a lovely man ha ha ha, more laughter and I listen . Well still , he’s handsome , has a beautiful look and a softness that amansaría to all the beasts of the African savannah. But the problem is that I can only enjoy the 45 days , well unless it carries on the island 15 days which means I have 30 days. So you see, I have not much time to think . I fall in love does not seem so bad, because I control , or so I think . But the heart break, that’s another thing , because the wounds in warm climates usually take longer to close, jajajaj , more laughter in the air. I also thought that if Julia Robert ‘s character in “eat love and pray ” , I would launch into his arms like a teenager looking for a Justin Bieber scarf . But neither I am Julia Robert and this is a book. So I will just tell you the story of this possible passion of 45 days and a heart break . ha ha ha I love the story and see it’s a funny situation and when I decided to take a sabbatical is no relationship , just me and my laptop , traveling and gaining experience of life. Now I’m listening to my friend Miguel ” sex is also a wild experience ” But clear is Chilean , and looks like a samurai and tantric sex practices . Well do not know if the latter is related to the story but here is what was said , a Chilean samurai , very sexy.



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