Letter from Africa :Five strangers in a taxi.

Five strangers in a taxi
Are you talking about five strangers in a taxi?
From nothing or everything

One of the most strange and confusing of  this, place is to take a taxi. Surely that can not be walked on for both. Well if it is. And I’ll tell it to take a taxi on the island can become an adventure. And of course like all adventures can be unpleasant, pleasant, depending on who you share the journey. In this case the taxi.
The first thing you have to  know is that the island taxis do not take you everywhere. Well you always have to be directed to where they are going. I  explain the operation:

1 – stop the taxi,

2- you say the address,

3 -If  the taxi going to your palce ,he is going to let yo in. But if not he going to ignore. So you  have to wait for another.
4  once you’ve caught the taxi, everyone who goes to your same direction you will go in the taxi.What can be a strange situation even unpleasant for a person coming out.

So every time I take a taxi, I will meet four strangers more. They wil  look at me with curiosity, trying to guess which ethnic group or area of the place I belong.

For someone like me who does not like the company of strangers, it’s pretty violent. So I had to metallizing I’ll have to share a taxi with strangers for as long as I am traveling through Africa.
So far I have not gone to a bus, but I’m sure I’ll  stile have to  experience the most bizarre and entertaining timen in Africa.

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