Christian Lacroix’s and Alice in the wonderland.

Who does not want to become an instant alice and live their adventures. Funny how despite the time that has transcurido since its author wrote the novel lewis carol. Everyone follows inspiration from her world, filmmakers, actresses, models, designers and missmangue of course, that this photo is exquisista. Cristian lacroax inspiration from the world of Alice in Wonderland. Everyone should ever have a breakfast of madness with the sobrerero crazy, maybe that way we would take life too seriously and we would be happier. Who knows?.


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It’s About Time—Christian Lacroix’s Return to Couture


By Priya Kumar, Executive Editor Back in 2009, when I was no more than a lowly showroom intern at Bismarck Phillips Communications (BPCM) in lower Manhattan, famed couturier Christian Lacroix filed for bankruptcy. A longtime client of BPCM, the fall of Lacroix signified so much more than just a fashion house going under for the



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