Letter from Africa :I would kill for a delicious pizza.

I do not know if you ever happen to want to eat something tato who seek him everywhere. That’s what happened to me since I came to pizza Malabo, my desire to eat pizza led me to try, the strangest vegetable flour mass. The so called because it can be called pizza in any case. The first pizza it provides, it was assumed that the restaurant was an Italian chef. But seeing almost raw pizza, raw vegetables where they danced to his heart’s content. The cheese was stuck to the dough like a spider to a dirty wall. tomato floating in it, like oil into the sea. That resembled less a pizza, I a blonde. You think I exaggerate? let me  continue counting. I’m usually of the look of the food I consume determines whether or not. But this time. I decided to give a chance to this strange thing that I kept trying to classify as pizza. I picked up my fork, cut a piece and put it in my  mouth,flour stuck to my teeth like cement to a wall under construction , and tomato acid taste invaded my mouth.  I felt like spitting, the insult of pizza.

But I remembered I was in a restaurant where other eyes watching intently as I analyzed the pizza like a patient in intensive care. I do not know if my hunger overcame disappointing taste of pizza, because I finished eating. Not without a sense of having been stolen in broad daylight in a restaurant in Malabo, for u man claiming to be an Italian chef, maybe it was Italian but Cook had nothing.
But that was not the only bad experience in my search for a decent pizza on the island.

The following Saturday I tried again, this time I ordered a slice of pizza in one of those places that looks American on the outside, but inside are natives who serve the food. But of course that the cook could have studied cooking in Italy or Spain. I had nothing to lose but only 1000 francs and worth if  I  could taste a pizza such  the one in “Insola  bela in Madrid” my favorite place to enjoy a delicious pizza. l

Once I got my expected slice of pizza. I started to taste it, but again, the appearance of old shoe sole discouraged me. But he had already purchased and reserved that time for that piece of  ¿Je ne sais pas ce que ?
Again, that orible taste in my mouth, and again, made ​​me hunger disservice.
So that project finished pizza, and assumed it would a hellish night with stomach ache. Luckily my fears were confirmed and I suffered no stomach pain.
But I learned my lesson, never ask a pizza in Malabo or anywhere on an empty stomach And above all remember that if the appearance is bad taste is disgusting.

For now it took away the urge to eat pizza on the island, I’ll  wait until I  return home or continues searching in another African country.

For those who read this post if you are enjoying a delicious pizza, enjoy a lot. Yummyimages (1)




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