Letters from Africa: Ignorance or real witchcraft.

Really ignorance or witchcraft.
M ellegada to Africa has been anything but normal. I came to be 15 days as he helped his mother ami ground and took more than two months in the land of my mother. From the first day off the plane I saw and heard some things about stephan king novels. Until now I thought that those things, witches, echizos, ladies and snake charmers Budoo existrian only in the series of Sunday afternoon. But here not only people but created in practice witchcraft. Women dancing naked Aluz CERER the moon for the business from the competition. Chicken legs with human hair tied buried under floors of a house in construction. Men and women who are transformed into dogs by nochae. Girls that twist in the middle of the street, for my epilepsy for some people on the island, witchcraft. It is clear that they believe in something that I am unable to understand the sacrifices of chickens, lambs and even tell people and virgin girls. Every night when I go to bed, I have the feeling that the werewolf or dracula going to walk through the door. Not that one skeptical of everything supernatural.
Not that one skeptical of everything supernatural. I understand that every cultuar have their beliefs, but it seems awful and ignorant own naked bathing in the blood of a chicken, in the month of August in a country where 40-degree heat rubs. Maybe because I’m a vegetarian, Or maybe it’s because of the blood ami what makes me bad body. The, truth’ll be honest, I think that killing a chicken, will Work out life, is typical of simple people.

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