Palm wine (Guinea wine)

Palm wine, arrack palmtoddy, Toddy, Kallu, Tuba, Tuak of.: Palmwein in.: Palm wine, Arrak, Toddy Palm, Toddy, Kallu, Tuba, Tuak

Category: Beverages: Alcoholic Beverages: Spirits

Palm wine is obtained from the fermented juice of the palm sugar (bot.: Arenga pinnata) and palm Nypa (bot.: Nypa fruticans). It is produced and consumed in many parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. In several localities are known under the name Toddy, this occurs in many parts of India and Malaysia. In southern India is known as Kallu, Myanmar and the Philippines as Tuba.

The palm sap is harvested twice a day (see also: palm sugar) and begins immediately after collection to ferment. After two hours the wine already has up to 4% alcohol and a sweet and aromatic. Can be fermented until one day, but then has a very strong flavor and acid. After a day there to stop the fermentation process, it takes no more wine alcohol but that wine becomes vinegar. Palm wine is kept very short time and usually tends to be consumed directly after production.

Palm wine can be produced by a liquor distillation according to the region where they do have different names. Thus, for example, is called the palm wine liquor in Indonesia and Sri Lanka arrack Tuak.


2 comentarios en “Palm wine (Guinea wine)

    1. Well, in this country of Africa and in others it is considered wine. In Equatorial Guinea people call it palm wine. But I guess when it comes to wine always imagine that is made with grapes.
      Thank you for your comments.


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