Red Poppies: by Alai

My husband  gave this book while touring the Madrid book fair. The fair is held every year Retiro Park. I Just finished reading the summary of the story. I fell in love. And I can say without a doubt that is one of the best books I’ve read in my life. Beautifully written in its detail, So much  than you can visualizer the world that the author presents.
red poppies
A book written with talent and clase.Un fairytale full of realism and beauty that was not seen much.

When the powerful family Maichi, governing a vast territory in the arid plains of Tibet, conflicts with neighboring cacique, Chinese nationalists come to his aid. In return they are asked to leave the cereal crop to plant poppies, a valuable resource for heroin trafficking supported by nationalists. The transaction further enhances the Maichi, but provides new and dangerous enemies. Michi chief decides to start a new culture and enriched by their trade, immediately becoming the envy of the other feudal chiefs of the area. When the idiot son is sent by his father through a vast territory, discover that the other leaders have seized the precious seed. If so began a bloody war for control of opium, with the backdrop of the fight for political change, conflicts and passions loving family. The author, Alai, of Tibetan origin, lives in Sichuan, China. He has written several collections of short stories and is editor of the most important science fiction in China, Science Fiction World.



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