I’m going to Africa, I can’t believe it!!

After much thought, I have made the final decision, I’m going to Africa. It was hard to decide between  travel  to  India  or  to the African continent.
But sometimes there are opportunities in life that make it easier to take one direction or another.

Last month while  I was surfing the internet for information about  how to organize a solo trip. My mother called me from a small country called Equatorial Guinea.
She was on vacation in the country and had bought some land and wanted to build some bungalows for tourists on the island of Malabo, which is the capital of the country. Best of all she  offered to pay  all my expenses trip. It seemed like a good opportunity, no matter what country of Africa  I began my journey, I was going to Africa.

The only problem, if you can call it that, is that I knew nothing about the place , apart from being the only country on the continent where Spanish was spoken. And that tourism was not very developed.
Here are some photos of the place I’ve found on the net.
The best advice I had from other traveller , is to ask the natives from the  country living in Madrid. That’s what I did. Most of them have spoken highly of the place. And other foreigners I met in the embassy also encouraged me to go, and not to worry.

Here are some photos of the country I found on the net.
I hope the next are from the country.
Thank you very much to all for teaching me through your blogs, that  it’s never too late to start over.
Without your help, and without this blog  it would have been impossible for me  to make this decision.
See so many people, have illusion for carrying out their projects and dreams, gave me encouragement to go ahead and make mine



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