What is hypoallergenic cosmetic product?

The term hypoallergenic which was created in 1953 by a company called advertisers that produced cosmetics and fabrics that did not cause allergies to people. The term appeared in the Merriam-Webster dictionary towards 1940.2

The term hypoallergenic is widely used in the cosmetic field. However, its use is not subject to any rules and is left to the manufacturer the veracity of the fact. According to the FDA are hypoallergenic cosmetic products where their manufacturers indicate that produce less allergic reactions than other cosmetics.

People have found  in these products a better quality of life in addition to preventing health problems caused by allergies. Previously created materials containing no hypoallergenic technology were very unstable and had a shorter duration as they were very vulnerable and housed a lot dust, animals, things that are potentially harmful to the health of any person and can cause serious respiratory problems. Moreover, thanks to this technology anti allergy  people can enjoy a healthier and reliable cosmetic.



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