I like Lambrusco, period.


Lambrusco is a sparkling wine very popular, easy consumption and that in this time of crisis, good price gives it ease of trade.
In Italy enjoying a wide popularity, and is there in the shelves of pizzerias where a product starts shipping wine whose main feature is that it does not need to accompany the dish is served. Whether it’s fish or meat.
Do not know much about wine, but  i do  know what I like. For many wine connoisseurs may not be called Lambrusco wine.
And   why is  that?   Here are some of the reasons why they  don’t believe that  they  should call the Lambrusco, wine.
1 -Because   is sweet and gasified
2 – It doesn’t what calling designation of origin or bombastic name
3 – It seems more a drain (typical Spanish drink) with plenty of soda and sugar to a wine.
4 – its  price is too affordable
5 – And the  most important thing you can combine with any meal and situation, can even replace the champagne for people who do not like the alcohol, or give them headaches.
6 – Is perfect for any occasion, dinner with friends, and solitary meal at home.
For all these things I love Lambrusco.
I do not care who the experts believe that it is a substitute for wine.
Sometimes you do not need a reasonable explanation for something you like. You just like it, period. And that is what I get with the Lambrusco



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