Miguitas, The first bakery for dogs in madrid. We have take away!!

Malasaña, Madrid is an area that has the quality of always amaze me. After Chueca is the most enterprising neighborhood center. Whenever I walk the streets of Malasaña I’m pleasantly surprised.
On Monday while looking for materials for my craft projects, I discovered an organic food  restaurant for dogs. What made  the restaurant special .The fact that  the place  is  in Madrid. The last time I saw something like that, was walking down New York village.

The local miguitas in the San Vicente Ferrer street , and is surrounded by a large glass window that allows you to see how the food is made.Upon entering I found a young cheerful woman. She  explained  me that the idea had arisen while   she working on a dog care center.

Her  love for  animals prompted  her  to investigate  the  dog food ingredients.

Terrified she discovered that most of the ingredients in the dog food were chemicals. That was the reason  she decided to create a dog restaurant where all the food is made from natural ingredients. And the idea to place an order and  send it to the client home, she found it comfortable for many owners who live far from malasaña or do not have time.
All foods are made from natural products: chicken, meat, fish, fruit, nuts.
They  have  variety of foods,   also has food for cats, horses, and birds. But the main customers are dog owners.
She commented that customers were very happy with the store.


What touched me most was to find that this was a company set up by a son and a mother. The son was in charge of the oven, and the technical side. While the mother is responsible for the commercial and economic.
This was the solution   mother and son  found after losing their jobs in the economic crisis. Work for themselves
The idea seemed wonderful and full of possibilities. Since there is nothing of this style in Madrid.
When I left the store the  I congratulated the owner  for its decision, and encouraged her to fight for her dream. Being an entrepreneur is hard. You have to take risks, work hard and be able to continue when the things  gets tough. Being an entrepreneur is to see opportunity where others see a problem.




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