This is one of my favorite pages The creator is a 27-year-old entrepreneur named Matt Cheuvront. For me it’s an amazing person. I’m glad I found his site, thanks to another enterprising Rosetta Thurman http:/ /
The reason that I recommend you visit his website, is because every day he writes something that helps you feel good and above all to have a vision of all the possibilities you have as an entrepreneur with a dream.He does so realistic and personal like a good friend, that explains and clarifies your doubts.
Do not fail to visit his  website. I leave a part of the article that I got this morning.

ResetButton-1I got an email from a reader last week with the subject line “How to Start Over”. In it, the reader shared his personal story – being about 10 years into his career – balancing life with kids, a family, and a big corporate job – all while trying to establish his own digital platform and business – and feeling like it’s time to break free and change things, but feeling overwhelmed by the idea of “starting over”.

He brought up a point that I’ve been confronted with many times. I wanted to share my response to his email, with one overwhelming preface: You’re never “stuck”. As much as it may feel like you can’t get out of your current situation – as much weight as you put on the importance of maintaining your nine to five – as much fear as you have of disappointing your family – regardless of your current situation and regardless of your age, you’re never ever stuck.

Discover more about Matt Cheuvront and his great adventure as an entrepreneur



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