Seven tips to make your handbag light.

Women we love handbags as much or more than shoes. What I never understood is why we have to take full as if we were traveling.
I remember I asked a friend, if he  would hold my bag for a moment. He asked me if I had an elephant in the bag. At that moment I realized the weight that I forced myself to wear everyday. So now, I carry the necessary. And not all the house, like a turtle.


1 – Remember that you are not a turtle.

Turtles can take  their home up because their body is made for it. And especially they are not tied to schedules and can rest when they  needed it.
2 – Carry the essentials in your bag.

Do not turn your handbag in your closet. Remember you have to carry it all the time.
3 – Take the makeup you need to touch up.

That means: a small palette of shadows and rouge, lipstick or gloss, a small case of brushes, mascara, powder or makeup what  you prefer most to touch up.
It is important to keep a pack of wipes, small   too. To order a small spray perfume , it can be  the same perfume when you buy it.
4. If you enjoy reading:

The e-book is perfect, is lightweight and can take most of your favorite writers. If you do not have other one, a pocket-sized book is perfect.

5-Use a bag that has wide straps.
This will avoid cutting the blood circulation of the shoulder. And also that leave marks on the skin. I advise you to always use a bag that has an extra long handle to carry the bag cross. That way we balance the weight of the bag. With these two things we avoid shoulder harm.

6Try to alternate shoulder bag:

If you can not carry the bag cross. Change shoulder bag from time to time. To not suffer back to carry the weight on one side.
7 – Remember that this advice is for workdays.

But if you go shopping, you can leave most things at home, starting with the book. And above all, remember that you have a  back for life.

The back is one of the most important parts of the body, and any problems that suffer, will affect the rest of the bones.
My recommendation after a long day of work is to do some type of exercise that allows you to stretch the bones and muscles. Yoga is perfect.



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