Seven tips for buying your perfect shoes

Women love shoes, no one can say otherwise, but there are thousands of styles, colors, sizes, heights etc. Sometimes we have a shopping period and can not help bring a pair of shoes, whether we will use it if fits perfectly and stop counting.

Of course, there are no “rules” for shoes, is a hundred percent creative field and we want to bring it wherever we want, but if there are some basic tips that you should consider for your next purchase:


1-Invest in a good pair no matter is only one.

There are actually very few designers make wonderful shoes, because it is costly and difficult to make. So normally are extremely costly and say that you have to save a little. Some of the designers who have earned a high reputation for its shoes are:
– Manolo Blahnik: Super sexy and super safe. A guaranteed investment.
– Christian Louboutin: The classic red soles, very creative and pretty neckline.
– Roger Vivier: If you’re cross-eyed for something unique, consider this designer.
Jimmy Choo: Very comfortable, ideal for women who need to be chameleon in a thousand places at once.
– Azzedine Alaïa: These are big words, ideal for the adventurous and knowledgeable.

2-Buy your Size

It is a common mistake, try to get into a shoe for smaller size or a bigger size just because you fell in love the shoe and is the last pair. We always think that no one will notice. People notice. It is not nice to see someone with small shoes, let alone see someone stumble on a very large pair.

3-Two necklines like shoes wear clothing necklines.

The ideal is to keep within two necklines for shoes, believe it or not this changes the way your feet look.

4-It is important to get a good pedicure.

A woman who cares and likes to go elegant, can not afford to take broken nails, dry heels and feet dirty, if you have time for a pedicure your best friend will be the dancers shoes.

5-Not so Tall .

I’m a fan of heights and especially high heels, but there are some pairs that are too high (more than 10cm). You can not walk properly, your posture began to diverge and you’ll look horrible.

6-Watch your proportions.

Unless you’re Naomi Campbell few women can wear a mini skirt with high heels without looking vulgar. It is very important to check the height of your heels along with your clothes.  Just  remember   you are not   in New York  catwalk.

7-Enjoy  your   shopping.



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