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Friday, December 28, 2012

What is the hardest job you’ve ever done?

The hardest work I’ve done has been in a fast food restaurant during the summer when  I was twenty. Served cold sandwiches until 13: 30 pm in the Victoria train station. There were always queues of people in a hurry, angry with life and  last-minute drunk .. I did not mind serving to many snacks , but prepare again and again the same sandwich, take things out of the warehouse. As people rush and got you screaming incessantly. And the worst being a vegetarian, in a place where I spent the afternoon cutting chicken and bacon. To make matters worse, when I leave, I had to run  through the station as a crazy  girl. Because  if I  missed  the train and had to take a taxi. And take a taxi from Victoria station to Greenwich Park where I lived was very expensive. I was always stressed and nervous at the last-minute. Looking at the clock all the time and waiting for the last customer to leave. When I got home I was so tired that, after my shower I  used to fell asleep with the bathrobe on. I remember that at the end of the summer had thinned a lot.

Now after many years, I still can not stand the smell of bacon and try not to go through where is the fried chicken at the supermarket
Now every time I pass a window of a fast food restaurant and see the lines of people impatiently waiting to be served by those employees with tired faces and resignation.
I remember that  infernal summer .


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