Monday, December 24, 2012

Can you get work done with background noise or do you need the room silent?

Generally I like quiet spaces and very little noise.
But sometimes it depends on my mood and the book I’m writing. There are books and chapters I need to write them in a bar, to inspire  people  in the local or in the atmosphere of the place. While other manuscripts is essential for the long silence or classical music. I love piano music and movie soundtracks as the last Mohican, or Gladiator.
Sometimes I just feel like now to write and I  forget  the music, noise and any annoying element.
Actually I think it depends a bit on what you’re used to. I know people who studied  with the tv on.  An if  you turn it off   they  lost  concentration. Others who use headphones with loud music.
Once a classmate told me that  she uses loud music for   better concentration. And when she was fully concentrated she stop  hearing the music.
As you will see every person has a system to perform at work.
Anyway the important thing is that you’re comfortable in your work. If you like what you do you  don’t care if there is silence or background noise.  Well  maybe  is  not that   simple.

Merry  Christmas   for  everyone.
Merry Christmas for everyone.


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