Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do you think this thought by Samuel Goldwyn is true? “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

I think in the days when Samuel Goldwyn  was alive, the hard work and effort was a must for success. And usually were guaranteed to get your dreams and become a lucky person.
But now in the age we living, things are more complicated. Is  not enough to work hard or be  a top  class student . Those two qualities do not say you’re going to be successful and feel lucky. Now practically to carry out your project or get the job of your dreams. You would need a miracle.
Before when you worked hard and with perseverance had just getting the job you wanted.
Now though hard work, not much good if you have to compete with 3000 people for a single job.
As everyone leaves the skin in order to be one of the lucky ones with a good job and salary.
I remember hearing many times the phrase “study and work hard and you will be a lucky person”  I don’t  think anyone says  that phrase anymore.
I  don’t say that work hard is a bad thing, On the contrary I think is very important in life to accomplish your goals.
But I have to be realistic and say that the formula has changed.
Now you need besides talent and hard work a miracle so that things go well and you  can be one of the lucky ones.

And  there’s another reality. Those persons who do not work or invest any effort  and they make millions.
Today,  you just have to have something to sell. No matter if it’s your last lover, a drug problem, a kiss in a dark room with a celebrity. And if all else fails you can stick to a reality show. Where the only requirement is to keep tight short dresses and above all a good cleavage. If that does not work you can always get drunk in public and sleep with half  of the men in a nightclub while they  record you. That will ensure a good audience and invitation to all television channels. And most importatante your bank  is full of euros.
I  don’t   know   what would think Mr. Goldwyn of this form of living.
I just expose the altenativas we have today.
Hard work waiting to achieve your goals or make money without doing anything.
You choose. What is your idea of being lucky?



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