My makeup pillow books

You want to know more about makeup and tricks that makeup artists in the stores do not confess.

And practice them with your friends and family. These are the bibles of makeup, he books you have to put under your pillow.

3-Bobbi Brown‘s book is one of my latest acquisitions. I have to say that I  didn’t buy it.  This is one of the first joys that this blog has given me. I interviewed one of their makeup artists and they gave the book to my pleasant surprise.
I like the social makeup. And I think this book is not only good for learning to make up on other people.  Is also  perfect  for  you  to learn new makeup technique.  Is not  only  about products. You  can also  learn about  what  kind of  food you need  eat for   maintained a good skin.

2-The trilogy Kevin Aucoin makeup.
These are the first three books I bought about  makeup, the characterization of characters. Only with the use of makeup.
I learned a lot from the use of shadows and lights in the character’s face.  He  is just  wonderful

3-Iman one of the most important women in my life. The first time I saw her on the cover of a magazine, I had a fit of euphoria. She taught me to find beauty in my dark skin.
I bought her book,  when  I discover the internet.
She teaches you how  and when to use makeup  in black and Asian skin. Until I read his book did not learn that the composition of a dark skin depends on the of yellow in it.
I love the concept of universal beauty. I can only say that I adore Iman
Thanks Iman for making this world a better place.


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