Friday, December 21, 2012

Do you think some people achieve easily, or do you agree with Lombardi that “the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary”?

I do not agree with him.
You  don’t need to be very smart to realize that for some people life is easier. And they get everything they want without lifting a finger.
In my life I met people who practically just had to sit and wait.
Because let’s face it, life is not fair, and despite what people think not  because you’re  a  good  person  and  hard worker  good  things  are  going  to happen to you  . And not because you kill yourself working, you are going to  make your dreams  come true.
They  are too many elements in play. Your physical appearance, family, money,  the studies  you have.

1- Physical aspect: Statistics and reality say that people with physical attractive get better jobs and command posts, rather than those who are not physically handsome. Obviously if you’re beautiful the chances of getting a job are much higher, you are not required to have a high intellectual capacity. And if you have, probably  it will be the last thing they  care of.

2-Economic position. Money does matter a lot. Not only for  the studies that lets you pay also for the contacts you make. Everyone wants  to have it.  Money can open doors that no even the  smarter mind dares to dream. There  is nothing  bad  about  money. There’s nothing wrong with the money if you use it properly.
3- Hard work is important, but I would say that for people of low and middle class and those who are unattractive is a must.
You have to strain twice because your only letter are your grades and your ability to work.
A clear example I see in law school. Most students with money  they  already  have jobs, even in a time like this of great economic recession. So  they make  no effort to get excellent marks. They don’t need it.   They  have  daddy’s money and daddy’s name.
While the other students have to work hard, to have the possibility  of being  selected  for company  practices or  for  a future work.

Let’s be realistic, not the hardest working always get the reward. But that does not stop us from trying.




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