Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Discuss this quote by Confucius: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I think what Confucius means is when you love your job it becomes a game.  And stop being an obligation or a burden.
It’s like being a child. I remember I could spend hours drawing or read a story that I liked. I was never tired of playing with my friends in the park or during the  rest hours  at school.
Who has not ever wish that time would stand still, while watching Indiana Jones or Star Wars. And when they finished, It looked they had been short, and you asked your mother to put the movie again. That’s the same feeling you get when you work on something you like.

A few days ago while visiting others  blogs . I found the blog of a woman who has devoted make jewelry and sell them on the Internet. She explained that she got up at six in the morning to work in her shop, about twenty minutes stopped to eat and still working. Sometimes She was so happy that she  forgot the time. Her husband had to tell her  that it was dark and  dinner  time.
When  they asked her , what bothered her most of her work. Responded that the day had only twenty-four hours. Because she’ll like to spend more time in her studio. But also had to attend  her  family obligations. In the end she decided to move the shop to her  home in order to work more hours while enjoying time with her  family.

One of the questions they asked was if  she  often spent so much time in her  workshop for economic reasons.
After reading a bit about her biography. It was clearly  that  she doesn’t  spent the day in  the  workshop for the money, because she had obtained economic tranquility.
The reason she  continued making necklaces, rings, earrings … ect was the love and happiness she felt when  is working in her shop. She did not seem to spend much time on it, because it just was not working but having a good time.
I guess it’s the same reason I’d rather sit in my computer  and write instead of watching TV or being in a bar. Because for me the fun is in writing.
I think that anyone who want be happy  should  to try to do something that makes him happy. That makes you feel like when you  could watch Indiana Jones  twenty thousand times and not get tired. Or be playing with friends in the park   until  dark and not realize that  is  dinner time.
My recommendation: Do what makes you happy even if the world does not understand.




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