Sandy Hook tragedy. ¿Why this only happens in american schools?

Perhaps in this time of sadness, some people think that this is not the time to ask questions. But this is a question we need to ask the American people.
Why this kind of killings  only   happens in American schools  ?
In recent years, every so often I see a young man grabs a gun going to his school and kills his classmates and teachers. And the question that most people around me do is. Why?
For European citizens is inconceivable that in one of their schools, a student  can do something like what happened in Sandy Hook.
For the record, I do not think that Europe is a perfect place  or free of violence. But is  very rare or almost impossible to imagine a student Spanish , French, English, Dutch or other European country. Leave home to kill their classmates or a group of innocent children. In Europe we are not without   violent   young, we have them, but they do not have an armory in their home to carry out their diabolical plans.

Most people I’ve dealt with this issue have reacted the same way when they saw the news.
When asked their thoughts about the massacre at the school. their  answer was emphatic: – what do you expect from a country where children learn to shoot before they  walk.
Others simply criticizing , how  easy you can get a gun. You could order  a weapons online or buy them at the supermarket like a candy box.
Most of us who live in the old continent, we see with eyes incredulous that has not  hardened gun ownership and registration after all the killings in schools that have occurred in recent years.

I must say that we all feel the deaths of the children and their teachers. And the pain that has devastated an entire nation.
However  we  believe that tears do not solve the problem.
And the American people will have to make a determination to protect their children in schools. When the enemy is in the classroom and is a time bomb that does not know when it will explode.
It’s best not to give  him the detonator.
I confess that in my position and with the peace of mind being out of the line of fire. Not know the extent of the problem and the decisions to be taken from this new terrible event. While I hope that the measures serve to prevent other families suffer the pain now living for  families of victims of Sandy  Hook




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