Monday, December 17, 2012


Agree or disagree: All work and no play makes you a dull girl.

I totally agree, work hard and not have any fun. Is not only boring but also bad for health.

Personally I think life without fun is not much point. It becomes monotonous and obnoxious. At work and in life has to be a balance. One has to work to live, not live to work. It is true that work is a right that every human being should be able to own. Not only because of the economic issue, also for metal stability. Work gives you monetary stability, personal safety and the satisfaction of feeling useful. It is important for the human being to feel that their intellectual ability is valued. Job loss, produces depression, feelings of helplessness and inferiority in the unemployed.
Being able to take the person to a metal and physical deterioration.

But it is also proved that overwork and lack of leisure. It is capable of producing the same symptoms as not having a job. With the seriousness of excess labor and abuse stress can lead to harmful substances such as drugs and Athol. Studies have shown that job stress is and cause of many heart problems.

Seeing that both situations taken to the extreme, are fatal to the individual. I think as I mentioned before. One has to keep a balance in your life. It is wonderful to have a job, but you have to remember that life is made up of other things: family, friends, your pet. It is advisable to do some sport after work. But there is another type of entertainment that one can devote to avoid monotony: excursions to the mountains or beach, read a book, learn to play an instrument, attend cooking classes, create blog ….. etc
But of all the above, the most important thing is forget about work once you leave the office.
Try to do something simple. when you get off work, rather than get in the car and start right away. Take about five minutes, and put a song you like. Enjoy it.
Now you can start the car. You  will  se  how  the feeling of stress is replaced by a much more relaxed state.




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